Supportive Information

Admission Offer Requirements

The admission offer based on the following rules:

1. Recommendation of the respective Board of Study and the Board of Graduate Studies and the approval of the University Senate.

2. The university has the right to carry out any drugs screening test, at any time for the duration of the studies at this University. If the result is positive for drugs, whether during the examination, registration or study periods, the student automatically will be dismissed from the University.

3. All the information given in the application form is true. Presently international students are enrolled only for Research Higher Degrees.

4. Students those who are employed should have the letter of approval or official leave from their employer or relevant authorities to pursue studies at FGS-SUSL.

5. The student candidate is kindly reminded to take the right course of action the register at FGS-SUSL on the given date and time.

6. Candidates, who fail to register without giving prior notice to the University within fourteen (14) days after the registration date, will be deemed to have rejected offer.

7. This decision is final. Please register on the date and time stated in the offer letter and notifies your acceptance by filling in the reply form enclosed immediately.

During the Study Period Students Should:

1. abide by the rules of-

a. Sri Lankan law including Sri Lanka traffic law;

b. Universities Act, Graduate Studies Ordinance, By-laws of the University, and Rules and Regulations of the University;

c. the decision from the Board of Study, Board of Graduate Studies, University Senate, and the University Council; and

d. the Rules of the University's Student Discipline and Examination Malpractices.

2. uphold the image of the University and respect the University's officers and lecturers;

3. get involved in any academic, cultural, sporting, social work and other university activities; and

4. settle all the necessary fees charged by the university;


FGS-SUSL will provide airport transfer to all international students from the Colombo International Airport, Katunayake to the university. In order to obtain this facility, you are kindly requested to inform your arrival details to the FGS-SUSL (e-mail:; Tel: +94-45-2280042) at least 03 working days in advance.


At present Sabaragamuwa University does not offer on-campus accommodation. However, FGS-SUSL will assist foreign students to find their accommodation provided by private service providers.

Office of the International Affairs (OIA)

Foreign students may contact the Office of the International Affairs for initiating the visa process. The OIA will assist you providing necessary documentation and information.