Visa Procedure

Foreign students are required to follow the proper entry visa procedure prior to arrive in Sri Lanka,and obtain a residence visa for engaging in studies in Sri Lanka.

Documentary Requirements for an Entry Visa

  1. Letter of placement of the University or affiliated institution in Sri Lanka;
  2. Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka;
  3. Copy of the Bio page of your passport;
  4. Duly completed form for "Recommendation application for prior approval (Entry Visa/Landing Endorsement for Residence Visa

Documentary Requirements for a Residence Visa

  1. Duly completed residence visa application Form 'A' (IM33);
  2. Request letter of the University/Affiliated educational institute;
  3. Letter of Recommendation for Residence visa;
  4. Duly completed "Application for recommendation of Issuing/Extension of Residence Visa"
  5. Completion of Photo capturing paper (attached herewith)

Please understand that all international students should obtain immigration clearance before they come for study. The FGS-SUSL will assist you in processing visa by providing you with the necessary documents and information as required. The FGS-SUSL will not enrol any foreign student without having proper a residence visa for studies at the university.

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